Holiday Let & Second Home Cleaning & Management Specialists

Not just another cleaning and maintenance company...

Looking after thousands of properties over nearly two decades has taught us a few things about property management! 

At the Spruceology Group we understand how important the details are when it comes to your guests experience, especially their first impressions as they walk through the front door. 

We know it’s not just about how shiny the taps are, or that the right amount of cutlery is in the drawer…it’s a lot more than that.

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Our responsibility is to ensure that your guests are wowed from the moment they arrive, ensuring 5* reviews for you and a quiet sense of satisfaction for us.

And it’s not just about the cleanliness either…

It’s also about the smaller things such as the grass being mown, the utensils and crockery being all present and correct and even ensuring any appliances have clear instructions available so your guests can get on with enjoying their stay.

You invested in your property to enjoy the profits it yields and shouldn’t have to worry about the finer details of running it day to day. 

That’s why we’re here – to ensure that’s exactly what you can do…RELAX AND ENJOY! 

Spruceology Group's Core Values

Meet The Team


Founder & Managing Director

My journey into property management commenced in 2005 as an eager trainee with the esteemed Martin & Co franchise in Leeds. This formative experience set the stage for a fulfilling and innovative career in property investment.

During the following 9 years, I embraced various vital roles, helping hundreds of investment property owners enhance the efficiency of their portfolios through both traditional and creative investment strategies. This hands-on experience allowed me to gain a nuanced understanding of the sector.

In 2014, I progressed to an Area Manager role at Sequence Homes, where I was responsible for 11 offices across Yorkshire and the North East. This very year, I also established a property maintenance company specialising in reactive maintenance and cleaning services, catering to the specific needs of private landlords and local lettings and management agents in the private rental sector.

Simultaneously, the inauguration of my property investment consultancy marked a significant milestone. Assisting investors in acquiring property throughout Yorkshire and the North East, I provided a comprehensive package of services, from acquisition to refurbishment to letting and management.

The year 2023 heralded a new chapter, one closely aligned with my expertise and core values. Recognising the opportunity and complexity of holiday lets and second home management in North Yorkshire, I embarked on a mission to assist holiday let owners.

This new venture embodies more than just business; it signifies a pledge to quality and profitability. With a keen understanding of each investment and the aspiration for a 5-star experience, I’ve crafted a suite of services designed to maximise your returns and ensure guest satisfaction. From impeccable cleaning to timely maintenance to an extraordinary guest experience upon booking, the aim is unequivocal – your investment flourishes, and every guest departs with treasured memories.

Place your trust in my experience, dedication, and local insights. Together, we can pen the next successful chapter in your holiday let story.